Natural Symphony of Art

Natural Symphony of Art

In her recent artistic endeavour, Samantha Lee Osner, an accomplished artist, takes us on a captivating journey of transforming an ordinary photograph of backlit trees into a mesmerising artwork that pushes the boundaries of traditional photography. In this discussion with the artist, we wanted to learn about her evolution from technical photography early in her career to the artistic expression that has seemingly shaped her perception and allowed her to explore the realms of imagination.

"I find my eye adapting to the scenery around me," Samantha explains, highlighting how her vision has shifted from merely appreciating nature's beauty to envisioning its creative possibilities. This transformation serves as the starting point for her artistic exploration.
The initial image shown above captures the inherent beauty of nature as seen usually; however, more was needed for Samantha. She yearned to infuse it with life, emotion, and vibrancy, going beyond the conventional photograph to create something truly extraordinary. To accomplish this, she experimented with in-camera techniques during exposure. The artist added, "Before experimenting with layers in-camera, I had ventured into more minimalist monochrome work, which I still love, so breaking away from pure simplicity to complex simplicity was quite challenging."

"I sought to express the transient nature of life and the emotions that nature can inspire," she explains, revealing the intention behind her technique. Through deliberate camera movement, Samantha introduced a dynamic element, capturing the essence of the trees as if in motion. The result conveyed a sense of enchantment as if the trees were dancing to the rhythm of the wind.

However, Samantha's artistic vision extended beyond just capturing the movement. She desired to push the boundaries of the expression even further. This led her to explore physical art overlays in the studio, using delicate strokes of acrylic paints to transform the image into a multi-dimensional canvas gradually.

With each layer added, the once mundane trees bloomed with vibrancy, inviting viewers to explore the depths of Samantha's imagination and experience the scene with a renewed sense of wonder. The physical art overlays added texture, depth, and colours comparable to a traditional painting, merging the worlds of photography and art.

Yet, Samantha's artistic journey didn't end there. The final touch was the addition of carefully applied gold leaf to the leaves caught in the warm glow of the setting sun. These gilded accents further enhanced the ethereal beauty of the scene, creating a sense of magic and drawing viewers deeper into the artwork. "I have been on this journey of artistic discovery for several years now, and I am just loving the process of uncertainty," she remarks.
By merging her passion for photography with the expressive qualities of other artistic mediums, Samantha has created a work of art that captures nature's beauty while transcending its traditional boundaries. "Through the convergence of in-camera techniques, physical art overlays, and the subtle allure of gold leaf, I have sought to create art that goes beyond the ordinary," she expresses.

Samantha encourages everyone to embark on a visual and emotional journey, where seemingly mundane landscapes are transformed into extraordinary masterpieces and immerse themselves in the emotions and textures within the artwork. "At first, I was afraid of making mistakes or pushing the boundaries too far, but with each exhibition, I have had, I have taken this process further and further, and so far, the gallery patrons have loved the artwork."

As Samantha's artistic adventures continue, she promises more captivating stories and artistic explorations in future newsletters. She concludes with a reminder to embrace the beauty and endless possibilities that art brings into our lives.