Are you battling to choose art for your home or office? Try our unique interior mockup service. Send us a picture of your wall or project, and we will do the rest free of charge. Take the guesswork out of choosing art. When choosing prints for your home or office, we know how difficult it is to visualize an interior space; even experienced architects and interior decorators find it challenging to place the perfect art. We understand that finding the perfect print you love is one thing, but gauging the ideal size, frame, and position can be a struggle ... and that's where we can help. Our specialist will personally come to your home or office for those who reside in Cape Town and offer you the best advice for your interior art and will assist in following your project through to completion. Look at a few examples below; you will notice a difference we have made to our client's homes and offices. Transform your walls using our interior mockup service. You may be looking to modernize a space in your home, uplift a dull corporate boardroom or add a conversation starter to your recently renovated interior. You'll be amazed by how our experts can dramatically transform any interior space with their unique vision. Let us show you what is possible. Revamp your home interior quickly and affordable. Our consultation service is offered free of charge and without any obligation. Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our specialists.


Send us a picture of your wall. It's as easy as taking a photograph of the wall/s you would like to use and email a copy to us. Our creative team cannot wait to give you options and suggestions.


And we will do the rest. Once we get an understanding of your likes and dislikes, our creative team will mockup several print and frame options for you to consider. And the best of all. There is no fee or obligation; our service is free of charge. We have helped clients with big and small projects from hotels to a single piece in a home. The bonus is that there are no nasty surprises.


In a few days, our creative team will send you art and framing options to consider. The best part is that the digital impression looks real so, it will help you to make an easy decision. Let us know if you would any changes made and before you know it you choice will be narrowed down to the perfect artwork.


The artwork will then be printed and framed to the precise size that you chose in the mock-up, and a week or so later, our courier will deliver the piece right to your door. It is really that easy.


For many people, finding the perfect artwork to suit an area can be an absolute nightmare. Visualization is not everyone's strength; that is why interior decorators usually hired with this task. Questions like: Is it the right subject for space? Will the colour complement? Is it the right size? Should I hang more than one piece? How should the print be framed, or should it be framed at all? These are common obstacles when deciding on art. It is also expected that people choose the paint colour of the room long before selecting furniture and art. Very rarely does one buy art and then design the decor around it; it's such a pity, but a fact. Choosing art to suit the space no longer needs to be an obstacle, no more visiting gallery after gallery, no more buying and hoping that it will work when you get home. Instead, hand your project over to us, give our creative team an idea of what type of images you like and then sit back and let us do the work for you.


We recently remodelled our home's living area and were looking for something special to hang on the wall. My partner and I couldn't agree on anything. Our interior decorator sent some art around for us to look at, but it felt like convenient art to fill a space. A friend of mine told me about the Martin Osner Gallery's mockup service in Cape Town. We live in Johannesburg, so it felt strange shopping at a gallery 1600 kilometres away, especially over the internet. I gave them a call, discussed the type of art we liked and emailed them a few interior pictures. A few days later, we got back some samples, and we were utterly blown away by what we saw. The only difficulty came with having to choose between the six outstanding options we received. The photograph we finally decided on felt a little bit small, so they redid another two size options for us. Again it was amazing to see how important the size of the frame became. We ordered a framed print, and ten days later, a courier company called me to say that our package had arrived. We were so excited to open the crate. A friend of ours helped us hang it, and yes, it looks the same as the mockup we signed off. I just never realized there was such an easy way to buy art, and I highly recommend the gallery and the service.


My husband I over the last few years searched in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town for art for our home in Pietermaritzburg and our apartment in Cape Town.​We were disillusioned as we could not find anything! We were looking for something different and attractive. Thus for a while, we had nothing on our walls! We knew that one day we would find the “right” art and we would know it immediately when we saw it!​A few months ago, we walked into your gallery, and everything changed dramatically! We loved all the art in the gallery!​We were blown away by your photographic art, which we found inspirational and ideal for our homes. It was made so easy to choose which print was suitable for which room, as “mockups” were done and sent to us – this was so helpful and made the choices so simple, as the mockups were so realistic and done meticulously to scale.​We have Martin Osner’s art in both our homes, and everybody has found the photographs to be fantastic. A talking point as the pictures was captured in different geographical areas in South Africa – our friends from Natal love the art taken in the Berg. And then the art in Camps Bay has Sunset in Noordhoek and other beautiful scenic photographs.​The installation of the art was executed professionally, and we were thrilled with the results.​The art chosen for Pietermaritzburg was professionally packed and crated and couriered on time and arrived in perfect condition. Our home is now complete, and all our art now evokes positive feedback and compliments. 


Embarrassingly for one and a half years, our lounge remained incomplete without artwork on the wall. After visiting the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town, I found out about their mock-up service. When I got home, I sent them some pictures, and within two weeks, my framed prints arrived, correctly sized and beautifully packaged. Brilliant service.


As an ex-pat living in the UK, I was looking for a print to remind me of Cape Town. I found a photograph I liked online at the Art Photography Gallery. I sent them a picture of my wall, not expecting them to offer a framed delivery service to Europe. To my surprise, they flew the framed print into Gatwick airport, which is near to where I live at a better price than having it framed in the UK. I collected it from the airport without any trouble at all. I have ordered two more framed prints since. Embarrassingly for one and a half years, our lounge remained incomplete without artwork on the wall. After visiting the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town, I found out about their mockup service. When I got home, I sent them some pictures, and within two weeks, my framed prints arrived, correctly sized and beautifully packaged. Brilliant service.