A free service offered to pre-visualise what your home or office would look like with photo wall art. View a number of different art options for your space.

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Free Interior Mock-up Service

It's like having your own interior advisor

Are you battling to choose art for your home or office? Try our unique interior mockup service. Send us a picture of your wall or project, and we will do the rest free of charge. Take the guesswork out of choosing art. When choosing prints for your home or office, we know how difficult it is to visualize an interior space; even experienced architects and interior decorators find it challenging to place the perfect art. We understand that finding the perfect print you love is one thing, but gauging the ideal size, frame, and position can be a struggle ... and that's where we can help. Our specialist will personally come to your home or office for those who reside in Cape Town and offer you the best advice for your interior art and will assist in following your project through to completion. Look at a few examples below; you will notice a difference we have made to our client's homes and offices. Transform your walls using our interior mockup service. You may be looking to modernize a space in your home, uplift a dull corporate boardroom or add a conversation starter to your recently renovated interior. You'll be amazed by how our experts can dramatically transform any interior space with their unique vision. Let us show you what is possible. Revamp your home interior quickly and affordable. Our consultation service is offered free of charge and without any obligation. Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our specialists.

It's as easy as ...

Take a picture of the wall your are considering

Send us a picture of your wall. It's as easy as taking a photograph of the wall/s you would like to use and email a copy to us. Our creative team cannot wait to give you options and suggestions.

Send your photograph to us

Dropbox, transfer or simply email it to us, whichever method you prefer.

Give us some insight

Once we have had a quick discussion we will get an understanding of your preferences and our creative team will begin to work creating several print and frame options for you to consider.

Receive your digital mock-ups

In a few days, our creative team will send you art and framing options to consider. The best part is that the digital impression looks real so, it will help you to make an easy decision. Let us know if you would any changes made and before you know it you choice will be narrowed down to the perfect artwork.

Order the perfect print

Should you decide to go ahead with the artwork will then be printed to the precise size that you chose in the mock-up, and a week or so later, our courier will deliver your artwork right to your door. It is really that easy.

100% free of charge

And the best of all there is no fee or obligation; our service is free of charge. We have helped clients with big and small projects from hotels to a single piece in a home. The bonus is that there are no nasty surprises.

We advise on everything from frames to print sizing. We will assist you in all important decisions before investing in our unique photo art prints.


& understand

For many people, finding the perfect artwork to suit an area can be an absolute nightmare. Visualization is not everyone's strength; that is why interior decorators usually hired with this task. Questions like: Is it the right subject for space? Will the colour complement? Is it the right size? Should I hang more than one piece? How should the print be framed, or should it be framed at all? These are common obstacles when deciding on art. It is also expected that people choose the paint colour of the room long before selecting furniture and art. Very rarely does one buy art and then design the decor around it; it's such a pity, but a fact. Choosing art to suit the space no longer needs to be an obstacle, no more visiting gallery after gallery, no more buying and hoping that it will work when you get home. Instead, hand your project over to us, give our creative team an idea of what type of images you like and then sit back and let us do the work for you.

I just never realized there was such an easy way to buy art, and I highly recommend the gallery and the service.

Jean Williams (Melville Johannesburg)

After visiting the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town, I found out about their mock-up service. When I got home, I sent them some pictures, and within two weeks, my prints arrived, correctly sized and beautifully packaged. Brilliant service.

Pablo Mendis (Dubai UAE)

After we used the mock-up service, the prints we selected were professionally packed and arrived on time in perfect condition. Our home is now complete, and the art evokes positive feedback and compliments.

Jenni Caine (KZN South Africa)

Embarrassingly for one and a half years, our home remained incomplete without artwork. After visiting the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town, I was told about their mock-up service. When I got home, I sent them pictures of my walls, and within two weeks, my prints arrived. Brilliant service.

Brego van Zyl (Guildford UK)

Your Questions Answered

Do I need a fancy camera to take a picture of my wall?

No not a all, the quality of today's smartphones are perfectly suitable.

Can you take the photographs for me?

If you live in Cape Town where we are based we can most certainly assist.

Any advice of taking indoor pictures?

Yes, rather photograph you wall in daytime when there is more light in the room. Also try shoot as straight on as you can as angled photographs are more challenging to do mock-ups with. Also please make sure that you send us a high quality picture.

When your team makes print suggestions do you take into account the style of my interior?

Absolutely, not only the style but also your likes and dislikes. This is why we we will have a discussion with you before we start. It also helps to send us photographs of the rest of the room so we can take the decor and styling into account.

What is the best way to send you the pictures?

Most of our clients email them to info@martinosner.com, but if you are sending quite a few please use WeTransfer or Dropbox.

How do you make sure the size of the print in the picture is the same size when printing?

Good question. Once you have made your selection, we will ask you to take a measurement of the wall, from there we can work out the exact size.

Can we order the frame from you as well?

Yes, we have a framing workshop and we package for shipping, so we can most certainly assist you with a complete artwork. Sometimes, depending on the country, the frame cost plus the shipping may not make economic sense. Then we can provide framing instructions so you can have the frame built in your country. We will provide you with a quote and you can get a comparative price before ordering.

Can you do mock-ups with art I send you?

No, sorry ... this is a free service that only applies to the prints we stock.

Whats is the best way to have discussion regarding art selections?

We prefer meeting up face to face on zoom or otherwise a WhatsApp video call or Facetime.

Ready to get started?

Send us your wall/s. Email your pictures to gallery@martinosner.com, and be sure to include your contact details so that we will get in touch with you. You can use WeTransfer, or Dropbox if you have several photographs you would like to send.