Elevating Fine Art Photography: The Craft of Conservation Framing at Osner Gallery

Elevating Fine Art Photography: The Craft of Conservation Framing at Osner Gallery

In the world of fine art photography, every detail matters. From composition to printing, every aspect from concept to display plays a crucial role in conveying the artist's vision.

Yet, one often-overlooked element is the framing. At Osner Gallery, we understand the significance of framing in enhancing the presentation and preservation of fine art photography. That's why, seven years ago, we took matters into our own hands and established our workshop, Fine Art Picture Framing. Since then, we've been dedicated to providing impeccable framing solutions tailored to the unique needs of each artwork.

Our decision to establish Fine Art Picture Framing stemmed from our commitment to quality and reliability. After encountering issues with framing contractors, we realised the importance of having full control over the framing process. By bringing framing in-house, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality standards. As a niche company closely affiliated with Osner Gallery, we primarily cater to our gallery's sales and collaborate with interior designers on various projects.

However, we also extend our services to fine art photographers seeking expert assistance. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding photographer, we welcome you to visit our workshop for personalised framing solutions. One of the key aspects we emphasize in framing is the use of either ultra clear glass or UV non-reflective glass, particularly for limited edition prints and artworks displayed in areas prone to window reflections, this specialised glass minimises glare and protects the artwork from harmful UV rays, ensuring long-term preservation of its pristine quality.

Equally important is the selection of acid-free mounting board and surrounds. Over time, acidic materials can cause fading and deterioration of the artwork. By opting for acid-free materials, we safeguard the integrity of the artwork, preserving its vibrancy and longevity for generations to come.

Moreover, we prioritise archival stability by using the correct paste-down adhesives. Our meticulous attention to archival framing ensures that the artwork remains structurally sound and retains its original quality over time.

At Fine Art Picture Framing, we understand that the frame should complement the artwork, not overshadow it. That's why we adhere to a philosophy of simplicity, allowing the beauty of the artwork to take centre stage. Our meticulously crafted frames are designed to enhance the visual appeal of the artwork while seamlessly integrating into any interior space.

In addition to framing services, we offer comprehensive solutions, including art crating for secure shipping worldwide and professional installation services in the Western Cape region. In conclusion, framing is an art form in itself, deserving of careful consideration and expertise.

At Osner Gallery's Fine Art Picture Framing workshop, we're committed to elevating fine art photography through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality. Visit us to experience the difference firsthand and entrust your precious artwork to the care of seasoned professionals.