Truth of the Human Heart | Nelson Mandela Portrait


An Incredible montage artwork by Samantha Lee Osner, inspired by a Nelson Mandela portrait entitled "Salt of the Earth", her father and mentor, Martin Osner, the concept behind this print had taken the artist about two years to develop.


Signed Open Edition

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

The print is available in four sizes:

  • 60cm x 62cm / 23" x 24" (Including border)
  • 90cm x 92cm / 35" x 36" (Including border)
  • 110cm x 103cm / 43" x 44" (Including border) 


Using subtle changes in tone on each of the blocks resembles the diversity and unity of the South African people. A portrait that reminds us of Mandela's vision where all people would be unified as a nation regardless of their skin colour or heritage. Where love, pride, and tolerance would prevail over hatred and segregation. Samantha took her time as she wanted to make sure that this tribute to Madiba would be one of significance ... Read More >>


I have been so fortunate to have not only found my passion in life but to have done so under the guidance and mentorship of my father, fine art photographer Martin Osner. After studying under him at his photography school, I was plunged into the depths of commercial photography almost instantly. I knew that I had to find my way, and the challenges that came with this genre of photography, as uncomfortable as it was, helped me to learn a lot about lighting and problem-solving ... Read More >>


To us, photography is a reality driven medium that unlocks the expressive depths of art. We consider the camera and lens as mere instruments within the creative process. In our work, we strive to convey emotion and design rather than illustration. With the power to transform a subject in a matter of seconds, light to us is the mystical and elusive element to be pursued and captured. As father and daughter, we are truly blessed to be able to share this creative world together. Our gallery is a sanctuary, a place where we can display our emotions on a wall and share our passion for art and photography with you.


Our promise to you!

We print on order using the best quality fine art papers and permanent ink to ensure that the archival integrity is maximised. We guarantee that this print will not fade or discolour if kept out of direct sunlight and framed correctly. Every order is personally checked prior to packaging by Martin Osner, the owner and founder of the gallery.

Quality, service and customer satisfaction are exceptionally important to us!


Available units: 2

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