Solitude Panoramic


A captivating landscape scene of a tree photographed in misty conditions alongside a tranquil river. An artwork that exudes simplicity within a painterly expression.


Signed Open Edition

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

The print is available in four sizes:

  • 120cm x 44cm / 47" x 17" (Including border) 
  • 140cm x 51cm / 55" x 20" (Including border) 
  • 180cm x 66cm / 70" x 26" (Including border) 
  • 200cm x 74cm / 78" x 29" (Including border) 
  • Larger sizes available on request


On a winter’s day in 1984 “photography” and I met quite by accident, an encounter that redirected my life and changed it forever. Over the past twenty-eight years, while walking a path of self-discovery, my methodology has taken numerous detours. A journey that has refined a relaxed subconscious attitude, with a desire to express simplicity and honesty through my work. For me, a photograph holds an undeniable sense of realism, a new correlation that is easy to associate with. I see I understand; I experience, I connect. In my photography, I allow day to day life to provide inspiration... Read More >> 

'SOLITUDE' Poem by Craig O’Flaherty (2015)

God’s gentle breath kisses the mist, allowing soft light to shimmer through.
That instant when chaos steps back, into the shrouded haze beyond us.
When the river's tongue laps the bending bank tasting wet sand, smoothing footprints away.
Sometimes, we get to stand in our own shadows, in the solitude that holds us close.
It's in these moments that our hearts are waiting to envelop us, as we embrace certainty.
And then beauty melts in from the unpredictable, as a skyline strokes our softened eyes.


Available units: 3