Brilliant morning light illuminates the Keerweder valley in the Namib Rand. This private nature reserve is one of the greatest success stories of landscape rewilding. Formerly used for Karakoel sheep farming for decades, more than 200 000 hectares have been rewilded and defenced by various parties who chose to join the private conservancy. There is also as much land whose owners partake in the greater conservation effort but aren't part officially part of the conservancy. Bordering on the eastern edge of the Namib Naukluft wilderness, this area forms a critical haven for the wildlife of the Namib and a buffer between the park and the farmland.


Signed Limited Edition (8)

Medium: Photography print on fine art archival paper.

  • 85cm x 44cm / 33" x 17" (including border)
  • 120cm x 63cm / 47" x 25"  (including border)
  • 140cm x 74cm / 55" x 29"  (including border)
  • 160cm x 84cm / 63" x 33"  (including border)
  • 205cm x 110cm / 80" x 43"  (including border)


With heavy rains falling over the Namib desert in 2021, Malan took the opportunity to shoot this stunning collection of prints as the desert transformed into a colourful garden of splendour.

The complete landscape collection by Hougaard Malan is a bespoke curation of the artists finest prints collected over more than a decade. Each print is editioned to only eight reproductions regardless of the size. The artist sets pricing as the edition sells, making this portfolio of prints investment pieces. 


Hougaard Malan is well known in local and international fine-art landscape circles for his uncompromising attention to his craft's technical considerations. Combined with an instinctively creative eye, he is considered by many to be South Africa's leading landscape fine-art photographer ... Read More >>


Available units: 3