Pièce de Rèsistance No.5


This abstract collection was created using multiple exposures, creating mysterious impressions of ochre colours and beautiful textures.

ARTIST | Samantha Lee Osner

Edition | 15

Sizes Available :

  • 90cm x 68cm / 35" x 26"
  • 110cm x 83cm / 43" x 31"

PRINT MEDIUM | Archival print on fine art paper


    I have been so fortunate to have found my passion in life and done so under the guidance and mentorship of my father, fine art photographer Martin Osner. After studying under him at his photography school, I was instantly plunged into the depths of commercial photography. I knew that I had to find my way, and the challenges that came with this genre of photography, as uncomfortable as it was, helped me to learn a lot about lighting and problem-solving ... Read More >>


    Available units: 1