Streets of Jozi - Newtown


The original image was taken on a photo walk through Johannesburg‘s Newtown area in 2017. I was immediately attracted to this artsy neighbourhood with its impressive array of graffiti - a wondrous and unforgettable experience. This shows that art can arise everywhere and under all conditions. With my artwork, I want to interpret my experience within a poverty-stricken area and society. I like to show the contrast between beauty and decay’s ugliness, between energetic creativity and negligence. The graffiti on the flaking wall symbolises the fugacity of the moment and beauty. Poverty is illustrated by using muted colours while colourful paint expresses joy and hope - for the present and the future.

Open Edition
Medium: Photographic print on fine art archival paper.

Print Sizes Available:

  • 70cm x 60cm / 27" x 23"
  • 90cm x 76cm / 35" x 29"
  • 110cm x 94cm / 43" x 37"


I have always been passionate about exploring new methods and ideas in art. Over the years, I have broadened my creative sense by experimenting with various painting and drawing media, as well as photography and digital art techniques. As I progressed with alternative approaches, my ability to express creativity, visualize ideas and create thoughtful art pieces flourished. Fine art photography, in particular, opened an outlet for my growing creative expression. I love to collect and harness ideas from everywhere, even using subjects that may seem unimpressive or even insignificant. Inspiration seems to come relatively easy to me as I create through emotion and give careful thought to every stage of the process—all emotions count, from disturbing through to beauty, from contempt to enjoyment. My ultimate goal is to evoke feelings and inspiration through my work, allowing the viewer to see the world, society, and everyday life through critical eyes, and to promote and evaluate dichotomy.


Available units: 1