Salt of the Earth | Nelson Mandela Portrait


Nelson Mandela, an inspirational leader, world icon for peace, the father of democracy to many, and former president of South Africa has been immortalized in this portrait in honour of a man who may never be forgotten


Signed Open Edition

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

The print is available in four sizes:

  • 60cm x 62cm / 23" x 24" (Including border)
  • 90cm x 92cm / 35" x 36" (Including border)
  • 110cm x 103cm / 43" x 44" (Including border) 


Inspired by the work of Vik Muniz (1996 "Sugar Children"), this portrait was created by overlaying salt crystals onto a charcoal image transfer. The thickness of the coarse sea salt has been altered by the artist to bring out shadow and highlight depth in the portrait. Two paragraphs of Mandela's famous speech, which he gave at the Rivonia trial where he was tried for treason, is inscribed below the print ...Read More >>


On a winter's day in 1984 "photography" and I met quite by accident, an encounter that redirected my life and changed it forever. Over the past twenty-eight years, while walking a self-discovery path, my methodology has taken numerous detours. It is a journey that has refined a relaxed subconscious attitude, with a desire to express simplicity and honesty through my work. For me, a photograph holds an undeniable sense of realism, a new correlation that is easy to associate with. I see I understand; I experience, I connect. In my photography, I allow day to day life to inspire ... Read More >>


To us, photography is a reality driven medium that unlocks the expressive depths of art. We consider the camera and lens as mere instruments within the creative process. In our work, we strive to convey emotion and design rather than illustration. With the power to transform a subject in a matter of seconds, light to us is the mystical and elusive element to be pursued and captured. As father and daughter, we are truly blessed to be able to share this creative world together. Our gallery is a sanctuary, a place where we can display our emotions on a wall and share our passion for art and photography with you.


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