Manic Monday (Original Arwork)


Manic Monday is a unique original abstract artwork by Fine Artist Martin Osner. Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock, this piece is an original oil painting over ultra-chrome ink. Unlike Pollocks work, Osner included visual triggers by including concrete texture and text underlays before applying the paint. This large collector's piece is incredible when viewed in reality. 


Edition: 1 (Original)

Medium: Oil paint on canvas

Size: 180cm x 140cm / 70" x 55"


On a winter’s day in 1984 “photography” and I met quite by accident, an encounter that redirected my life and changed it forever. Over the past twenty-eight years, while walking a path of self-discovery, my methodology has taken numerous detours. A journey that has refined a relaxed subconscious attitude, with a desire to express simplicity and honesty through my work. For me, a photograph holds an undeniable sense of realism, a new correlation that is easy to associate with. I see I understand; I experience, I connect. In my photography, I allow day to day life to provide inspiration ... Read More >>


Available units: 1