Karoo Escarpment


"Karoo Escarpment" is a captivating artwork that captures the mesmerizing beauty of the Karoo region in South Africa. As the last light bathes the landscape, the escarpment transforms into a stunning palette of vibrant red hues. Koos van der Lende skillfully captures the dramatic essence of this moment, showcasing the unique atmosphere and natural splendour of the Karoo. This film photograph invites viewers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking colours and enchanting landscapes of this great region.


Signed Limited Edition (25)

Medium: Original photographs shot on film, transparencies scanned and printed on archival fine art paper. Prints are available in two sizes. Only twenty-five prints are available regardless of size.

  • 100cm x 37cm / 39" x 14" 
  • 120cm x 44cm / 47" x 17" 


Photographed over ten years, finally cumulating into a coffee table book called "Moments of Grace", these superb fine art prints are a joy to behold. The collection was photographed on photographic film, which the artist then custom-developed in chemistry to attain the ideal contrast and colour. The slides were then drum scanned and prepared for print with reference to the original photo without any digital alteration. Editioned to twenty-five prints, this portfolio of panoramic landscapes is iconic.


In a digital photography world, De Lende still shoots on traditional photographic slide film, which is processed and then scanned to create unbelievably high-quality photographic prints. A master landscape photographer who understands light and his craft perfectly. With a detailed eye for quality without compromise and an unprecedented understanding of composition, this portfolio of exhibition quality panoramic prints ... Read More >>


Available units: 1