A personal portrait of Jesus created by fine art photographer Martin Osner in devotion to his spiritual belief.


On Exhibition: Osner Gallery | Private Collection | 27 March '21 - 24 April '21 

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

Size: 141cm x 110cm / 55" x 43" (Including border)


Inspiration was drawn from a famous painting by Gabriel Max dating back to the 1870s. Multiple elements have been added to the initial portrait, including a halo and the inscription INRI, meaning King of the Jews. Multiple textures have also been added. Unlike the thousands of litho prints created where an illusion of the eyes open and close, in this Osner version, the Lord's eyes remain closed throughout. Osner maintains that one of the greatest God-given gifts to man is free will. Jesus can only respond if he is invited in, and only then will he be able to open his eyes to you. 


On a winter's day in 1984 "photography" and I met quite by accident, an encounter that redirected my life and changed it forever. Over the past twenty-eight years, while walking a path of self-discovery, my methodology has taken numerous detours. It is a journey that has refined a relaxed subconscious attitude, with a desire to express simplicity and honesty through my work. For me, a photograph holds an undeniable sense of realism, a new correlation that is easy to associate with. I see I understand; I experience, I connect. In my photography, I allow day to day life to inspire ... Read More >>


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