This burnt, peeling image of a man hiding behind his hands, questions whether there should be any importance placed on physical appearance or skin colour. After all real beauty is Skin Deep.

Open Edition
Medium: Photographic print on fine art archival paper.

Print Sizes Available:

  • 70cm x 47cm / 27" x 18"
  • 85cm x 57cm / 33" x 22"
  • 110cm x 75cm / 43" x 29"


My innermost desire to create art was finally realized when I discovered the wild world of photography, and I instantly fell in love with the medium. Travelling and living in different countries since has expanded my perspective as I draw inspiration from memories and dreams. My style is unapologetically distinctive, bold and colourful. I often commission myself as a subject when creating art, and I prefer fun and dynamic techniques. I also love discovering new ways to bring my work into the surreal. I am a South African artist based in Bordeaux, France.


Available units: 1