Strolling Through Cadman Park, NYC


Who would have thought, on that carefree day in January 2020, that our lives would be so unceremoniously turned upside down just a couple of months later? New York City was shrouded in a thick winter mist, low hanging cloud and an occasional drizzle. It evoked a sense of eeriness because at times you could not see further than a couple of feet in front of you. I did not see gloom as most would because I saw magic, vibrancy and mystery as light reflected off the pavements and other reflective surfaces.


Open Edition
Medium: Photographic print on fine art archival paper.

Print Sizes Available:

  • 70cm x 60cm / 27" x 23"
  • 90cm x 76cm / 35" x 29"
  • 110cm x 94cm / 43" x 37"


I am drawn to extra-ordinary scenes in everyday life and do not consider myself a conformist. I see beauty where someone else may not. I love how light dances and reflects off objects - whether architectural, nature or everyday life. I capture moments in time, moments that one cannot relive. These pictures transport me back to the moment I captured them, and I can once again immerse myself in the feelings I experienced at the time. I invite you to come back with me to that moment in my life and encourage you to create your own. After all, what is life if you cannot dream, fantasise and reminisce?


Available units: 1