The Clown II


The clowns at the ballet school were full of innocents, joy and spontaneous, an echo from the past, still to remember every day.

Open Edition
Medium: Photographic print on fine art archival paper.

Print Sizes Available:

  • 70cm x 57cm / 27" x 22"
  • 90cm x 73cm / 35" x 29"
  • 110cm x 90cm / 43" x 35"


I have always wanted to take photographs, capture my emotions, the moment in myself, the here and now. I have never wanted to be a photographer; my aim was to archive emotions. Pictures of cities, monuments, landscapes and creatures, exchangeable, millionfold. It has nothing to do with me, more like travel documentaries, nothing personal. Large is important, the sky in its variations, the sea in its infinity. Minutes are important, details showing lifelines, beauty and clarity. Life is important, people close to me and encounters, time spent travelling with friends. Dogs being part of my life, ofter incredible happiness, careful companions. It's not the technique nor the equipment; it's the feeling of the moment. Smell and sound, myself at that moment, captured within today's constraints.


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