Fantasma | Painted Street


In East London, this short alleyway showcases how a community can make a statement, each adding their little mark to a wall. There is so much to take in in this work; in this case of more is definitely more.


Signed Limited Edition (10)

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

Presentation: Individual segments on raised boards.

  • 150cm x 32cm / 58" x 12" (Assembled photo-montage without frame)
  • 160cm x 53cm / 63" x 21" (Approxmate size once framed as we suggest)


The painted street artworks is a brilliant collection of hand-assembled, photo-montage scenes taken in England by fine art photographer Sandy Mclea. The artist starts by photographing individual segments of an interesting panoramic street scene. After that, the artist re-assembles them back into a single presentation. Then each image is printed separately and mounted on board. The elements are then skillfully constructed into a photo-montage of different depths to create a layered impression, each slightly out of perfect alignment. The artwork is shipped in segments readily assembled with instructions for picture framing.


Sandy McLea maintains a growing portfolio of contemporary fine art photography work with a creative approach to rural and urban scenes. His unique technique goes past the medium of photography, allowing him to create art where the photographic process enables him to construct a creative, surreal experience. McLea's childhood saw him travelling across an array of landscapes that eventually piqued his interest in visual imagery ... Read More >>


Available units: 4