Fuel of life


This art piece aims to let the viewer feel the presence of the forest. To experience the calmness the forest brings and feel the trees' ability to observe the evolution of humans and the planet around them.

Open Edition
Medium: Photographic print on fine art archival paper.

Print Sizes Available:

  • 70cm x 50cm /  27" x 20"
  • 110cm x 80cm / 43" x 31"


began my art career as a painter but later became enthused with photography. After attending a talk by Martin Osner, it became apparent that these two genres that I love could be connected. Trees have always intrigued me - their unwavering silence and calming presence alter reality for me. I am gently transported into a new dimension when walking in a forest. An existence that is not crystal sharp and crystal clear, but rather soft with a mystical dreamlike presence. In mythologies, legends and novels, trees represent life, growth, wisdom, power and prosperity and fuel the existence of life.


Available units: 1