Concrete Façade No.1


This impressionistic collection highlights the strong lines found in modern architecture while simultaneously giving a sense of calm fluidity to a rigid structure. Using techniques that combined camera movement and multiple layers, the artist created an incredible dream-like illusion of an everyday city scene. The artwork's pastel colours and soft textures contrast to the reality of a city's typical ambience. Delicate, tranquil moments emerge out of the daily hustle and bustle.


On Exhibition: Osner Gallery | Private Collection | 27 March '21 - 24 April '21 

Edition: Open 

Medium: Archival print on fine art paper

Size: 110cm x 110cm / 43" x 43" (Including border)


I have been so fortunate to have not only found my passion in life but to have done so under the guidance and mentorship of my father, fine art photographer Martin Osner. After studying under him at his photography school, I was plunged into the depts of commercial photography almost instantly. I knew that I had to find my way, and the challenges that came with this genre of photography, as uncomfortable as it was, helped me to learn a lot about lighting and problem-solving ... Read More >>


Available units: 3