Précis - Innocence


A nostalgic reflection of childhood memoirs, capturing youth's peaceful and playful essence. The children are portrayed as immersed in an imaginative world that highlights their natural curiosity and creativity, promoting mindfulness and emphasizing the importance of cherishing life's simple pleasures and special moments in time.


Edition: 3

Medium: Ink, oil and acrylic on canvas

Size: 180cm x 150cm / 70" x 59"


Landscape Précis

by Craig O’Flaherty 2023

Landscape is that instant
where reality becomes
an irretrievable story.
A peace, that allows me to
step back into who I am.
Burnt beige, whispered blue -
delicate specks of myself
outlined in appreciation
of Nature’s healing, in a
world that’s lost itself.
Sunlight sashays with shadow,
in a rhythm of its own.
If only I could take this back
with me, I might not be
so absent from myself.
I try unceasingly to satiate
that emptiness with effort.
Echoes and outlines disappear,
I lose my way.
Moments in amber light
are where I might come home
to my true self again.


Samantha Lee Osner's collection, "Précis," combines minimalist photography with mixed media overlays to explore the relationship between humanity and nature. Several pieces portray people as tiny figures in expansive landscapes, capturing the ethereal charm of the natural world and underscoring the unimportance of personal struggles in the broader scope. The collection encourages viewers to reflect on the allure of the environment and appreciate the simplicity and serenity of nature.


I have been so fortunate to have not only found my passion in life but to have done so under the guidance and mentorship of my father, fine art photographer Martin Osner. After studying under him at his photography school, I was plunged into the depths of commercial photography almost instantly. I knew that I had to find my way, and the challenges that came with this genre of photography, as uncomfortable as it was, helped me to learn a lot about lighting and problem-solving ... Read More >>


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