Emerald Serenity


Bo Plaas, an Overberg haven revealed—a steadfast sentinel built on a solid foundation beside the shade of trees that weave tales with the whispering secrets of the wind. The unseen canvas—a foundation sturdy and enduring. Yet, in the hidden depths, water, life's sustaining source. In this poetic tableau, find surety in the rock and nourishment in the ever-flowing currents of existence.


Edition: 1 (Original)

Medium: Ink and Paint on Metal

Size: 105 x 150cm / 41" x 59" (Framed)


My artistic journey has been a remarkable dance between two passions: traditional painting and fine art photography. This fusion has taken me from limited edition works to the creation of one-of-a-kind original artworks. It's an evolution that's defined my path and speaks to my artistic soul. I often reflect on that serendipitous winter day in 1984 when photography and I crossed paths quite unexpectedly. This encounter redirected the course of my life and set me on a transformative journey. While I had always known of my artistic inclination since my school days, I was fortunate to have parents who, out of love and concern, sought to shield me from the challenges of pursuing a career in the arts. I was encouraged to seek a more "stable" path... Read More >>


Available units: 1